Basic Ladder Awareness Training

Course Content:

The Basic Ladder Awareness Training covers the following areas:


The training starts with an introduction to the safety in the selection and use of ladders.


You  can learn in this section all about the Working at Heights Regulations 2005.

Why are Movable Ladders Important at Work?

This section will explain the importance of movable ladders at work.

Work at Height Regulations and Directive Key Requirements:

This part of the training will give you a clear understanding of the classification and labelling of ladders.

basic ladder awareness directive key requirements 2 basic ladder awareness directive key requirements

Looking After Ladders and StepsSafe Activity:

This will show you how to look after your ladders and the inspection process to ensure they are safe to work on and what sensible safety precautions to take when using ladders.

The Ladder Stability Hierarchy:

This section will cover the selection process to help you decide whether or not a ladder or stepladder is the most suitable access equipment compared to other access equipment.

Stepladder Stability:

This section helps you to think about safe ways to use stepladders i.e. tying and other persons stabilising the foot of the ladders and what unsafe practices to avoid such as working side on, overreaching and wobbling on uneven surfaces.

Safe Site and Safe User:

This section is an overview of keeping the site where the ladder is being used and the ladder user safe to avoid injury or even death.

Preview of the Course

Watch a sneak preview of the course for an example of the format of the course and the course content.

The price of this course is £15 + VAT per person per course.

The length of this course is 40.5 minutes excluding the time for the final exam.

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