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The DSE course covers the following areas:

Introduction to DSE Health and Safety:

What is Display Screen Equipment and what objects are classified as visual display units?  This section explains it all.

DSE - introduction

Display Screen Equipment Regulations 1992:

Learn all about how to classify who a DSE user is, what the Display Screen Equipment Regulations 1992 are and the requirements of the law that both employers and employees need to comply with and how to carry out an effective visual display unit risk assessment to identify potential issues.

DSE - regulations

Effects of using DSE:

This section explains what injuries can be caused by Display Screen Equipment use and how these injuries can be prevented.


Remember being told by your parents not to slouch in your chair?  Good posture is paramount to a healthy body and likewise, if you are sitting for long periods in the same position, sitting correctly can prevent injury.


How to set up a workstation properly and what it should look like.

Eye damage:

One of the biggest health problems reported with DSE use is eye damage. Learn all about how to keep your eyes healthy when using DSE.

Portable VDU:

With people working from home, hot-desking and working whist travelling, portable DSE devices are on the increase.  Did you know that law and regulations govern the use of laptops and other portable devices too?  Learn all you need to know about this in this section.

Electrical Safety:

Learn how to identify electrical safety issues when using a VDU.


By performing simple exercises, damage to health, eyes, ligaments and posture from DSE can be fully prevented.

Preview of the Course

Watch a sneak preview of the course for an example of the format of the course and the course content.

The price of this course is £15 + VAT per person per course.

The length of this course is 21.5 minutes excluding the time for the final exam.

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