Falls Prevention

Course Content:

The Falls Prevention training covers the following areas:

Working at Height Regulations:

Receive an overview of the Working at Height Regulations and how they can help you to reduce any falls and possible injuries which could occur when working above ground level and who is responsible for the tasks of employees.

Responsibilities of the Employer, Employee and Self-Employed:

Everybody has different responsibilities when it comes to working at heights and you can learn all about which responsibilities apply to you, whether you are an employer, employee or self-employed.

Personal Protection Equipment (PPE):

There is a vast range of Personal Protection Equipment available and it’s sometimes difficult to know what piece of equipment is suitable for particular jobs.  This section will show you how to select the correct PPE according to the type of work you are undertaking.

falls prevention - selecting the right equipment


Falling from ladders is the one of the most common types of fall and Ladder training is of paramount importance, especially if they are used on a regular basis.  This section will highlight best practices when working on ladders and will look at different types of ladders and how to set them up safely including dismantling and assembling them.

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The price of this course is £15 + VAT per person per course.

The length of this course is 35.5 minutes excluding the time for the final exam.

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