Food Safety

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The Food safety course covers the following areas:

Laws of Food Safety

This section will inform you of all you need to know about the laws, regulations, codes of practice and guidance that governs the production, processing, distribution, retail, packaging and labelling of food stuffs.

food safety law

Personal Hygiene

A persons hygiene can have a dramatic effect with regards to keeping food safe and this section covers the standard  of dress and cleanliness that is required to avoid contamination from things like dirty finger nails, not washing hands appropriately, unkempt hair etc.

food safety - personal hygiene

Cross Contamination

This section teaches how to avoid cross contamination by creating an effective work flow.


We all know that kitchens in a food establishment should be cleaned regularly and kept free from grease, grime and clutter but it is also important to understand what type of cleaning products are safe to use in a kitchen and how to use them and store them properly.   This section will also cover how to create and use an effective cleaning schedule.


There are many different types of bacteria that can affect humans, both good and bad. Bacteria are microscopic organisms, the bacteria known as pathogens cause the illness, food poisoning. Know how to avoid certain bacteria’s when working in any food establishment.

food safety - bacteria

Pest control

Due to food establishments accumulating food waste and food particles accumulating in those hard to reach areas all kitchens are prone to pest infestation.  This section will teach you how to reduce the risk of pest infestation and what to do if infestation occurs.

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The length of this course is 50.5 minutes excluding the time for the final exam.

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