Safer Patient Handling

Course Content:

The Safer Patient Handling training covers the following areas:


The training starts with an introduction as to why people have to be handled with care and the difference between the handling of people and inanimate objects


Bad Practices:

You  can learn in this section how legislation has improved practices in the handling of people and how it has reduced healthcare injuries

MHOR and the Human Rights Act:


This section covers how Manual Handling Operations Regulations and the Human Rights Act work together

Good Practices:

A look at best practices to raise awareness of safer patient handling and appropriate equipment to be used and how and why these have replaced old techniques

Manual Handling and the Healthcare Environment:

This training co exists with Manual Handling Training and will review the principles learnt in this training and how to apply these principles specifically to the healthcare environment.  In particular the training focuses on people handling and common manoeuvres that staff will face on a daily basis in their line of work and also unfamiliar tasks to reduce the risk of injury to themselves and their patients.

Preview of the Course

Watch a sneak preview of the course for an example of the format of the course and the course content.

The price of this course is £15 + VAT per person per course.

The length of this course is 27 minutes excluding the time for the final exam.

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