Speed Awareness Training

Course Content:
In many vehicle crashes causing serious injury, speed is a contributory factor, and the greater the impact speed, the greater the chance of death to people involved.

The Speed Awareness training course is a course designed to increase your awareness of how speed can impact your personal safety, as well as the safety of passengers, pedestrians and other road users.  By being made of aware of the dangers of speeding this course will train you and your workforce how to keep safe on the roads, both in a work and personal capacity.

Do you know that there are certain speed limits for certain vehicles on certain roads? Do you know the difference in national speed limits on single roads, duel carraigeways and motorways? Would you know if you were driving on a duel carriageway or a motorway? This course will cover all of these questions and the content listed below.

This course covers:

Who Speeds?

Being aware of your speed.

Understanding speed limits.

Stopping distances.

Impact speeds.

Preview of the Course

Watch a sneak preview of the course for an example of the format of the course and the course content.

The price of this course is £15 + VAT per person per course.

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